ca. 300-275 f.Kr. Kyrenaica AR didrachme, Kyrene, 1+

kr 13.000


KYRENAICA, Kyrene. temp. Magas. As Ptolemaic governor, first reign, circa 300-275 BC. AR didrachm (7,70 g). Horned head of Karneios left / KY-PA, Silphion plant; coiled serpent to upper left; I and ΠO monogram to upper right. SNG Copenhagen 1239; BMC 244–5. A few tiny marks and scratches. Attractively toned. 1+ (good very fine).

From the WCM collection

Ex Stack’s (2 May 1995), lot 2095

Ex CNG, E-auction 460, lot 338


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Varenummer: SNG.Cop.1239