308-277 f.Kr. Kyrenaica AR didrachme (7,65 g), Kyrene, 1+/01

kr 28.000


KYRENAICA, Kyrene. temp. Magas. As Ptolemaic governor, first reign, circa 300-275 BC. AR didrachm (7,65 g). Horned head of Karneios left / KY-PA, Silphion plant; ZE monogram to upper left; crab to upper right. BMC 256 (same dies); cf. SNG Copenhagen 1243. Very light roughness. Attractively toned. 1+/01 (good very fine).

Ex Thierry de Craeker collection

Ex Giessener Münzhandlung 62, lot 355. April 20th, 1993

Ex CGB 59, lot 148. June 19th 2013

Ex Classical Numismatic Group, Auction 102, lot 668. May 18th, 2016



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Varenummer: S.6319