39 f. Kr. AR cistophorus Marcus Antonius & Octavia, 12,08 g, 01

kr 28.000


Marcus Antonius and Octavia. AR cistophorus, struck in Ephesos 39 AD, (27 mm, 12.14 g). M ANTONIVS IMP•COS•DESIG•ITER ET•TERT, Head of Antony to right, wearing ivy wreath; below, lituus / III•VIR• R•P•C• Small draped bust of Octavia to right above cista mystica; both flanked by interlaced serpents with raised heads. BMC 133. Cohen 2. CRI 262. RPC 2201. A wonderful specimen with two detailed portraits. Fine surfaces retaining some of the original lustre. Minor striking flatness. Lightly toned. Grade 01.

Ex Nomos AG, auction 19, lot 245

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Varenummer: S.1512

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