255-241 BC. Zeugitania, Carthage. Electrum trihemistater (10,88 g), scuff, 01

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ZEUGITANIA, Carthage. Circa 264-241 BC. Struck during the first Punic War. EL trihemistater (10,88 g). Head of Tanit to left, wreathed with grain ears and wearing triple-pendant earring and necklace / Horse standing to right, radiate sun disc flanked by two uraei above horse. Jenkins/Lewis Gruppe X a, 406; SNG Lloyd 1660. Minor flan crack. Scuff on reverse and a few scratches. A very pleasing coin in hand. 01 (about uncirculated).

Ex Fritz Rudolf Künker, Auction 280, lot 295

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Varenummer: Lloyd1660

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